Jesse was very professional and detailed in his inspection. Felt comfortable that I knew everything going on with the house visually at least and had great comments on every issue as well to help clarify what he saw. Took pictures of most of the issues as well so that you know exactly what he saw.
— Jon E. - Home Buyer
I really felt like Jesse was looking out for my best interest in the inspection. We bought a flipped house which can be riddled with shoddy work disguised by new finishes. He saw a few things that could have been issues and made appropriate recommendations that we further checked out to avoid problems in the future. His thoroughness allowed us to win at the negotiating table and get many concessions that would not have gotten otherwise.
— Chris G. - Investor
Jesse is very thorough in his work and highly professional. It is clear that he is looking out for his clients. He takes the time to explain his findings and make sure his clients are well informed. The home inspection is a big part of a real estate transaction, and Jesse does a great job helping buyer’s and sellers walk through that process.
— Jon S. - Realtor